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byodf4v   posted on 6/23/14
BYOD 2014 (2:38)   posted on 6/23/14
Westhill CSD high school students speak about their experience using mobile device in a Bring Your Own Device learning environment. Student were better able to communicate, collaborate, and manage their homework and lessons.
4th Grade Jack O' Lantern Poem (0:35)   posted on 12/2/13
3rd Grade Jack O' Lantern Poem (0:36)   posted on 12/2/13
2nd grade Jack 'O Lantern (1:42)   posted on 12/2/13
Jack 'O Lantern poem read by 2nd grade.
This Land Is Your Land (2:47)   posted on 6/14/13
A performance by the 4th grade Ukelele Club during Cherry Road's annual Flag Day celebration.
Film Pour Les Belges (13:38)   posted on 6/12/13
Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Mlle Amerault's upper level French classes produced a video to showcase our high school to our Belgian e-pals in Liège, Belgium. The students did a good job, considering our time constraints at the end of the school year. We hope you will enjoy your tour of Westhill!
Mrs. Prior's Holiday Readers' Theatre - 3 (2:29)   posted on 2/7/13
Mrs. Prior's Holiday Readers' Theatre - 2 (3:40)   posted on 2/7/13
Mrs. Prior's Holiday Readers' Theatre - 1 (9:57)   posted on 2/7/13
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